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"Great service! My screen popped up on my iphone and the lcd went bad. They literally repaired my iphone back to new in 45 minutes. My front camera was also not working and they fixed that back to new as well. They definitely know what they are doing and are so honest. I highly recommend them to anyone!"

Shadi A.


"On the way home from work I dropped my phone and my iphone 5s screen completely shattered. Repair Em' was quick at replacing my damaged screen and now my phone is working 100% again! I highly recommend taking any damaged phones to Repair Em'. Their customer service is outstanding!"

Heather M.


"My GPS/location service was not working on my son's iPhone 6. I called Repair Em' and was told that they could diagnose what was wrong. They determined it wasn't a hardware problem and that it was due to poor coverage by Sprint. The diagnosis was FREE! I will certainly go back for all my phone repairs."

Janet P.

We know how difficult and scary it is when your phone breaks. iPhone and Android phone and screen repair is more common then ever! For example, you get out of your car, forget that your phone is in your lap and SPLAT, BROKEN SCREEN. It is a scary feeling when you turn it over and see that your beautiful screen is shattered. You search Google for a iPhone Repair Near Me and realize "man there are a lot of companies who fix phones". We understand that there are a lot of companies to choose from for iPhone and Android device repair. There are many reasons why Repair Em' should be your phone repair company. The first difference is that we know how precious your device is to you. We take great care and concern with your device, treating it is if it were our own! The second reason is that we understand the importance of Data Security. We take great measures to ensure your data stays secure. Finally, we understand that your phone is your life. Our team of certified technicians work quickly and accurately without jeopardizing quality to get your phone fixed as soon as possible.

Repair Em' uses only the highest quality replacement parts available for iPhone and Android device repair. We are priced competitively because we believe wholeheartedly in quality. We are so confident in our phone device repair parts and service that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Repair Em' Certified Devices are iPhone and Android devices that have our certified inspection and refurbishment. All of our certified devices are restored back to factory specifications. Every Certified Refurbished Devices are backed by our 1 Year Guarantee.

The Repair Em' Guarantee means that we are positive that your experience with us will be amazing! We are here to serve you. We want you to be completely happy with every product and service that we have to offer. We constantly strive for excellence and growth! Please give us feedback on how we can better serve you.

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